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Heirloom Cookie Sheets

Discover the Heirloom Cookie Sheet, a professional cookie bakeware that’s ideal for the pro or anyone who wants to bake like one.

What makes this 100% solid stainless steel cookie sheet a “must have”? Here are several of the most important reasons you’ll love the Heirloom:

• Cookies bake extremely evenly and brown without burning
• Made of high quality, untreated, stainless steel, this cookie sheet is dishwasher safe
• Versatile, use it also to broil your foods with easy clean-up
• Ultra-sturdy and rust-resistant, you’ll never need to buy another cookie sheet
• All sheets are Made in the USA and backed with a Limited Lifetime Warranty

The Heirloom has been a family favorite for over 30 years and we’re excited to share this quality baking product with you.

We’re also excited to introduce our Heirloom Cookie Book! Featuring recipes and timeless tips for keeping family baking traditions alive, the Cookie Book is available for purchase today!