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About Us

Jeannie, owner of Heirloom Cookie Sheets

I’m Jeannie, owner of Heirloom Cookie Sheets. The history of Heirloom Cookie Sheets stems from when I was 10 years old.  My mom loved to bake; baking was her passion.  Unfortunately, she owned the typical collection of store bought cookie sheets that had warped, scratched and blackened around the edges and she just couldn’t perfect her cookies.

This was also the year my father purchased a metal fabricating company.  He had one of his metal craftsmen fabricate some solid stainless steel cookie sheets to surprise mom.  I can still remember the day he brought them home… the most beautiful, shiny sheets you ever saw.  As a little girl, I was so excited to use them!

And use them, we did!  We got right to baking…                20 batches of 20 kinds of cookies, filling tins and tubs for relatives and friends.  My mom was ecstatic over how much better these perfect sheets could bake her treats!  Her cookies were now golden brown and never burned. Her reputation soon grew, as everyone we knew wanted her cookies.

I knew even as a little girl that my dad had made something special! Those cookie sheets contributed to decades of perfectly baked cookies and lots of happy friends! And even more so amazing, after 30 years of perpetual use, those cookie sheets still look amazing!

Fast forward to Christmas 2010. My good friend called to borrow my cookie sheets for a baking exchange she was planning.  Unbeknownst to me, my sheets were a huge hit!  After the cookie exchange, my friend reluctantly returned my sheets.  I let her carry on and on about how sturdy they are. How they baked so evenly and browned so perfectly. How they cleaned up so well.  And how her whole family fought over who was going to get to bake their cookies on those sheets.  She finally asked, “Where in the world did you get those?”

I knew right then and there what I was going to do!   And today, the best part of all of this… is I feel that I’m honoring my truly amazing father!  I love you dad!!!