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Meet The Sheet

High Quality Stainless Baking Sheet. Made in the USA

Professional Construction

The Heirloom Cookie Sheet is made of heavy duty, 18-gauge stainless steel. That’s it … no toxic coatings. No coatings at all – and yet, it’s virtually non-stick!

One of the 12″ sides is turned up slightly to provide a handle, so it’s easy to maneuver in and out of the oven and store in your cabinets. The 15″ sides lay flat to allow heat to circulate unrestricted across the entire baking surface, which results in even baking.

There is no need to use cooking spray or liners when baking with an Heirloom.The natural light color of stainless steel encourages even baking to help you avoid burning your cookies.

Best of all, the Heirloom is Dishwasher Safe! If you do need a little “extra” cleaning help, especially after broiling with the Heirloom at a high heat, we recommend using a small amount of a non-abrasive powder cleanser.

First Impressions
Quality! Ask anyone who has seen an Heirloom Cookie Sheet, and “quality” is their first impression. Its mirror-like finish combined with ultra sturdy construction makes the Heirloom a beautiful piece of professional bakeware.

Quality Saves You Money … and Your Sanity
An Heirloom Cookie Sheet lets you bake like a professional in your own kitchen.  With proper care, this sheet will last you a lifetime.  If you have been reluctantly holding on to your old, discolored, warped cookie sheets – even though you hate to use them – you can finally get rid of them once and for all!  Buy an Heirloom and you’ll never have to buy another baking sheet again!
Heirloom Cookie Sheets are proudly Made in the USA